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Run for Something Endorses Andrea Sorce for Vallejo Mayor

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Run for Something Endorses Andrea Sorce for Vallejo Mayor

Changing The Face of Local Politics in California

June 27, 2024-  Andrea Sorce is proud to receive the endorsement of Run for Something (RFS), the groundbreaking organization that recruits and supports strong voices in the next generation of progressive leadership.

“Our community is tired of waiting for meaningful change to be made in our city. I’m not a politician, I’m an economics professor at a local community college. I am deeply committed to making Vallejo fiscally responsible while ensuring our city government is responsive to the needs of our community. I’m honored to have the endorsement of organizations like Run For Something as I take on the challenge of fighting the status quo in Vallejo.”

"Run for Something’s latest endorsement class will be instrumental in building a robust Democratic foundation for the future, and the excitement they’ll bring to the campaign trail will boost local turnout and help other candidates up and down the ballot win this November," RFS co-founder and co-executive director Ross Morales Rocketto said. 

Of our June class of 57 candidates:  

  • 49% identify as people of color 

  • 39% identify as LGBTQIA+

  • 65% identify as women

  • Our class of candidates represent 24 states

As we continue to build the progressive bench from the bottom-up, we are excited to support and amplify more talented, young progressives already making a difference at the state and local level.

The endorsement process includes an extensive internal review with background check, staff interview and insight from local state experts. 

Amanda Litman and Ross Morales Rocketto launched RFS on Jan. 20, 2017 with a simple premise: help young diverse progressives to run for down-ballot races in order to build a bench for the future. RFS aims to lower the barriers to entry for these candidates by helping them with organization building, a robust community, and access to the trainings needed to be successful. So far, over 130,000 young people from across the country have signed up to run and gained access to RFS resources.  

Run for Something recruits and supports talented, passionate young people who advocate for progressive values now and for the next 30 years, with the ultimate goal of building a progressive bench.


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