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Leadership For a



The status quo in Vallejo isn't working. We deserve leadership that is ethical, inclusive, transparent, and puts the needs of the community first.
Join us to ensure that this November we elect a mayor who will fight for the people.

Leadership You Can Trust

Andrea Sorce has devoted her career to public service. She will put the best interests of the community first, lead from a position of strength and inclusivity, and do the work needed to tackle our problems. A community college economics professor with a background in public policy, she understands how the city runs and can be trusted with our tax dollars. Andrea will challenge the status quo and isn't beholden to a single special interest.

Andrea's Top 5 Issues

For a Vallejo that works for all of us.




Fiscal Responsibility

Inclusive Economic Development

Open Government



Public Safety

Housing Justice

See Andrea's first speech as a mayoral candidate, from our first fundraiser on October 14, 2023.

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