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Solano Together Launch

It was great to see so many friends, elected officials, and community members from across the political spectrum at the Solano Together launch in Suisun.

Speakers included residents, local elected officials, and Congressmen John Garamendi and Mike Thompson. Thanks to all who spoke and attended, and especially to Greenbelt Alliance and others who put it together.

As I've mentioned previously, the entire process of California Forever has been untransparent and undemocratic. The aggressive lawsuits against property owners and dismissal of community concerns demonstrate alarming disrespect for our residents and their well being. The ballot proposal is filled with empty promises and reads like an attempt to mislead and buy community support. But you can't buy trust.

This proposal will profoundly impact our county and every city in it, including Vallejo. It will be critical that we stand together and push back on these billionaire special interests.

More info and video of the event at

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